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Welcome to the online home of A.W Tree Care & Garden Maintenance. As a team of Shoreham based tree surgeons providing a comprehensive range of arboricultural services to clients throughout nearby Sussex locations, including Eastbourne and Seaford, we help keep gardens and estates healthy and looking their best year-round. Whether you’re searching for a company to deliver particular aspects of tree surgery, stump grinding, tree removal or hedge cutting on a one-off basis, or wish for our team to visit regularly to carry out scheduled garden maintenance, we’d love to hear from you. We also provide 24/7 coverage for emergency tree work where time is of the essence, and tackle site clearance to clean-up overgrown or mucky areas, or prepare them for future development.

About Us

Our tree surgeons have over two decades’ experience in the industry, and are well known in busy Sussex locations like Shoreham, Eastbourne and Seaford for providing exceptional work at distinctly competitive prices. Holding City & Guilds / NPTC accreditation, our team follows stringent safety and arboricultural best practice to deliver clients total peace of mind, whatever aspect of tree surgery they require; from stump grinding and hedge cutting, to tree removal and pressing emergency tree work. The same standards inform our garden maintenance and site clearance services, which continue to earn rave reviews from our ever-expanding client base.

Our Services

We work with everyone from property owners in our hometown of Shoreham, to landlords and estate managers in Eastbourne, and developers in Seaford. Below, we’ve provided brief descriptions of our core services, which you can learn more about by navigating to their dedicated page on this website, or by getting in contact with our tree surgeons at your earliest convenience.

Tree Surgery – Our tree surgery services encompass various techniques tailored to the needs of each tree and client. This includes pruning to remove dead or diseased branches, crown reduction to alleviate stress on the tree and prevent hazards, and tree felling for removal when necessary.

Hedge Cutting – Our precise hedge cutting services, available in and around Shoreham, Eastbourne and Seaford, ensure neat and healthy hedges. Choose our tree surgeons to enhance the aesthetic of your property while promoting optimal growth.

Stump Grinding & Tree Removal – Using specialised equipment, our tree surgeons can efficiently grind tree stumps below ground level, eliminating tripping hazards and allowing for seamless landscaping. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, consider contacting us in regards to our tree removal service; we employ both sectional dismantlement and traditional felling techniques, depending on the best approach for the job at hand.

Garden Maintenance – From mowing lawns to weeding flower beds in flourishing outdoor spaces around Shoreham, Eastbourne and Seaford, our garden maintenance services keep your pride and joy looking tidy and vibrant year-round.

Emergency Tree Work – We promptly respond to emergencies such as storm damage, fallen trees blocking roads or structures, and hazardous limbs threatening property or the safety of occupants and passers-by. Our tree surgeons are available 24/7, ready to spring into action to handle urgent situations with skill and efficiency.

Site Clearance – Whether preparing land for construction or clearing overgrown areas, we offer comprehensive site clearance services throughout Shoreham, Eastbourne and Seaford, removing vegetation and debris to create a clean slate for your project.

Tree Surgery

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Emergency Tree Care

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Hedge Cutting

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Garden Maintenance

Stump Grinding

Site Clearance

Searching for skilled tree surgeons providing not just tree surgery, but garden maintenance and site clearance services in Sussex locations such as Shoreham, Eastbourne and Seaford? Call A.W Tree Care & Garden Maintenance today on 07902 164903.

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