Tree Surgery in Eastbourne, Seaford & Surrounding Sussex Locales | We Handle Everything from Crown Reduction to Tree Removal

As City & Guilds and NPTC-certified tree surgeons, A.W Tree Care & Garden Maintenance offer Sussex locations such as Shoreham, Seaford and Eastbourne a highly reliable solution for all things arboriculture. The different aspects of tree surgery we perform cover the introduction, maintenance and removal of all sorts of different tree species, which we have the in-depth knowledge required to care for in a measured and informed manner. With over two decades’ experience in the industry, our tree surgeons ensure you can keep these cherished, characterful figures in your garden or on your grounds, and that they stay healthy and vibrant year-round.

Aspects of Tree Surgery We Excel in…

Below are just a few different aspects of tree surgery we deliver for clients in and around Shoreham, Seaford and Eastbourne. It’s far from exhaustive, so if you have something different in mind for our tree surgeons, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your situation.


Pruning is a meticulous process involving the considered, even surgical removal of specific branches to improve tree structure, boost aesthetics, and promote healthy growth. Our tree surgeons employ advanced techniques such as directional pruning and crown thinning to ensure the best results. By removing weak or diseased limbs, this form of tree surgery mitigates risks and contributes to the overall vitality of a tree.

Felling & Tree Removal

Felling and tree removal requires a comprehensive assessment of the tree's condition and its surroundings. Our tree surgeons meticulously plan each step, considering factors such as structural integrity, proximity to structures, and environmental impact. With advanced rigging and cutting techniques, we ensure controlled descent and minimal disruption to areas surrounding Shoreham, Seaford and Eastbourne properties.

Stump & Root Removal

Removing stumps and roots is a crucial aspect of tree care, eliminating tripping hazards and facilitating future landscaping endeavours. We employ specialised equipment and techniques – such as stump grinding, which you can learn more about by clicking here – to manage or extract problematic stumps and roots.

Crown Reduction/Thinning

Crown reduction and thinning techniques are vital aspects of tree surgery which aim to alleviate stress on trees, enhance light penetration, and reduce wind resistance. Our skilled tree surgeons carefully assess each tree's canopy, strategically pruning to achieve a balanced canopy while preserving the tree's natural form and integrity.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the selective removal of lower branches to improve clearance underneath the canopy. This process enhances visibility, facilitates pedestrian and vehicular movement, and mitigates potential hazards such as low-hanging branches obstructing paths or structures in Sussex locations like Shoreham, Seaford and Eastbourne.

Dead Wood Removal

Dead wood removal is essential for maintaining tree health and safety. Our team identifies and eliminates dead, diseased, or damaged branches, reducing the risk of falling debris and promoting overall tree vigour. Through regular dead wood removal, we ensure the continued health and vitality of the trees under our care – the reason tree surgery exists!

A.W Tree Care & Garden Maintenance handles all aspects of tree surgery on behalf of clients throughout West Sussex, including the nearby areas of Shoreham, Seaford and Eastbourne. Call our tree surgeons today on 07902 164903.

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