Garden Maintenance in Seaford, Eastbourne & Wider Sussex | Keep Your Outdoor Environment Looking & Feeling its Very Best

Keeping your outdoor space looking its very best as the seasons sweep on by is certainly no mean feat. It’s no wonder many around the Eastbourne, Seaford and Shoreham areas find they lack the time to accomplish this due to busy schedules and a lack of energy to expend on it. Others simply find their “green thumb” is somewhat temperamental, and not everything lives the year! If you find yourself in either scenario, it may be worth leaving garden maintenance to the pros, for the experienced tree surgeons at A.W Tree Care & Garden Maintenance are on hand to help beautify your space, keeping it healthy and vibrant year-round.

We can do this by providing one-off garden maintenance services as and when required, or we can visit at set times throughout the year to carry out essential tasks and check-in on your flora. Whether it’s just a touch of TLC, or you need a tired, uninspiring or overgrown environment totally transformed, we’re ready and waiting to hear from you. Combine garden maintenance with hedge cutting, stump grinding and other complementing services for jaw-dropping before and afters.

Aspects of Garden Maintenance We Tackle

First thing’s first, it’s worth mentioning that we work with a diverse range of clients around Eastbourne, Seaford and Shoreham, from those with sprawling grounds, to others with small strips of grass surrounded by a simple border. Whatever the job at hand, you can expect tailored work from accredited horticulturists, that’s competitively priced to keep the cost of garden maintenance affordable.

Some of the most common tasks we carry out during garden maintenance include:

Lawn & Turf Maintenance

Includes mowing, aerating, and fertilising to promote lush growth and discourage weeds, ensuring a healthy and attractive lawn.

Hedge Cutting

Precision hedge cutting by professional tree surgeons enhances aesthetics and promotes healthy growth, maintaining tidy and well-defined hedges.

Raking Leaves

Regular raking prevents suffocation of grass and maintains a tidy appearance, ensuring the lawn remains healthy and free from debris.

Removal of Dead Wood & Branches

Enhances safety and fosters plant health and appearance by eliminating potential hazards and promoting new growth.

Flower Bed Preparation

Soil conditioning, weeding, and mulching support vibrant blooms, ensuring flower beds are healthy and visually appealing.

Clearing Ivy

Prevents structural damage and promotes plant diversity by removing invasive ivy, preserving the integrity and aesthetics of Eastbourne, Seaford and Shoreham gardens.

Full Site Clearance

Thorough removal of debris, weeds, and unwanted vegetation prepares the garden for a fresh start, ensuring optimal garden health and functionality. Learn more about our site clearance services here.

But this is far from an exhaustive list. Know that the garden maintenance services and packages offered by our friendly, caring team are always bespoke to the individual aesthetic and functional requirements of Eastbourne, Seaford and Shoreham property owners.

Discuss your garden maintenance requirements with our tree surgeons and horticulturalists, who cover all Sussex locations surrounding Eastbourne, Seaford and Shoreham. Dial 07902 164903 today.

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